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Who Picked My Tea?

Our tea farm, where the Tea for this Meditation is grown and harvested is located in Yunnan, a province in the southwest of China. The tea garden is managed and maintained by one of our workers, Miss Wang (in the picture left). She does a good job of cultivating and nurturing the tea plants. A regular day on the farm starts with Miss Wang handpicking the tea leaves as early as 5:30 am. The tea picking for the box you are holding in your hands takes up to 90 minutes. So every time you receive a package of our best quality tea, bear in mind that every single tea leave was picked with utmost love and care by the exceptional Miss Wang and her colleagues. Take a moment to appreciate how far the leaves have travelled and the effort of every person who contributed to the production of the tea leaves you to see in your teacup.

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The Anatomy


Dian Hong is one of the finest black teas in the world specially made from Da Ye Zhong cultivar, grown in the mountains of Yunnan, in south-western China. Dian Hong is smooth and malty and if you are wondering what this awesome rich black tea is like in shape, taste, and smell, this is for you.


The Dian Hong tea leaves can be identified by their characteristic golden color. The leaves which come packaged in a box are typically dried out and when observed in detail you will notice a fine sheen of hairs on the surface.




The tea has a light, warm and malty taste. You may also detect a cool menthol finish. The taste is soft and velvety to allow you to fully appreciate the tea.



When you take a cup of the Dian Hong tea close to your nose, the first notes to hit you will be a malty baked aroma with honey notes.

How YOUR MEDITATION Helps The Environment

At J.R. Stodt, we care as much for the environment as we care about the mental state of mind of young professionals. We thought of a way we could promote a healthy and stress-free lifestyle in young people while helping the environment and that is how our rewards system was born. The reward system was simply created to encourage our users to practice tea meditations regularly while helping to sustain the environment in the process.
So how does the reward system work? Here, for every time you complete a tea ceremony using our app, you will be awarded one credit point. When you successfully accumulate up to 20 credit points, we will plant a tree on your behalf in an international reforestation program. You can derive a sense of fulfilment and satisfaction from your tea meditations knowing that you are not just doing something good for your mind and body, but the environment as well.

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