Really Green

One touch of nature makes the whole world kind

– William Shakespeare

There are roughly three trillion trees in the world, that is about
400 trees each for you, me and every other human being
on this earth.

They are vital for life on earth, giving us oxygen, storing
carbon and providing homes for theworld’s wildlife, as
well as the 250 million people who live in savannah areas.

But unfortunately, more and more are being cut down –
researchers can’t give exact figures, but as many as five
billion are chopped down each year.


Every time you complete a tea ceremony on our meditation
app, you will be awarded one credit point.

When you successfully, accumulate 20 credits, we will plant a
tree for you in an international reforestation program.

Stodt Tee

“ We care about the
environment and the
planet’s health as
much as we do about
your mental health. „

So, we thought of a way to try and help both at the
same time – giving you peace of mind literally and also
giving us peace of mind that we have done a little bit to

This is our rewards system, which encourages our users
to practice tea meditation regularly while also
sustaining the environment.


Meditated by
the community


Planted by
the community