Tea Meditation

Your daily mini- vacation

Tea Meditation


Your daily mini- vacation


Lünale 2019

Drawing inspirations from Julian’s Chinese Grandfather. Beixi and Julian decided to incorporate drinking tea into their meditation routine

3 Reasons

why tea meditation is good for you


Stress Relieve

If you’re feeling like the weight of the world is on your shoulders, tea meditation will relieve these strains.

More Focus

The ultimate aim is to help you to live a helthier life, and it will do this by giving you more focus.

More Energie

The practice release endorphins, giving you a boost of energy.

This is how it works


 1 ) Prepare your Tea

You will


the malty and fruity aroma

2) Start your App

It will take you on a magical journey to the mountains of Yunnan


3) beginne deine




Unsere Crowdfunding – Kampagne

Thank you so much for your support and please reach out if you have any questions.

Beixi & Julian